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Since the begining, innovation in our DNA

The 60's: the origins

Rivita was founded thanks to Mr. Bombelli’s Emilio intuition way back in 1957. Mr. Bombelli worked as a programmer rubber conveyor belts production at Pirelli in Milan, Italy. Only in 1974 his son, Fausto Bombelli, joined the company taking over the founders shares. The company had become Pirelli’s vulcanizer for the North Italy area.

Il fondatore della Rivita Srl


The founder Emilio Bombelli with his a picture of 1937. He was sergeant of Italian Military Aviation and Pilot of Frecce Tricolori.

The 70's: pioneers of new technologies

Among the most important clients of the time should be noticed: Italcementi Group, Eridania Group, Italsider, Merone cement plant, Montedison and numerous quarries, foundries and carpenters. 

To contrast PVC tapes, which increasingly eroded market to the traditional rubber mat, with the collaboration of Eng. Tentardini (cut edge conveyor belts father), Rivita realized the first carpet without lower cover (Flat) which successfully passed the tests on furnaces (the winding diameter on the drums improved). 

The 80's and the 90's: the turning point

Unfortunately, in 1985 for political choices, Pirelli had moved its production unit from Bicocca to Macchia Ferrandina (Matera, Italy) and was then "forced" to find other orders and supplies sources.

Over the years Rivita has collaborated with the most important manufacturers of industrial technical articles in Italy and abroad. Rivita was among the first to explore the handrail industry for escalators

Rivita nowadays

The company has always tried to improve the hot application of transverse strips (magnetic separators - carpets for shot blasting machines) and other processes: elevators drilling, rubber and rubber-metal components moulding, longitudinal guides and sidewalls applying. 

Rivita has constantly stood in the experimentation of new processing techniques and methods such as the conveyor belts junctions with fabrics in Kevlar and drilling of glass-fiber sheets for the production of chlorine (Clorocell): methods, for those years, unknown on the Italian market.

Over the years the company has undergone a corporate level transformations to better face the market difficulties and increasing fierce competition. 

From the last two decades Rivita has back to be fully owned by Bombelli’s family.

Historic catalogue

Have a look at the historic catalogue of 1970


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